Cancer Sucks!

Back in November 2020, I woke up with double vision.

Covid-19 had all but destroyed my small business of 30 years, and being 66 years of age, I was looking at possible retirement anyway. Maybe convert to full-time singing in our Blues Band.

In a nutshell, I was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma and started out on 3 months of daily treatments, while staying in Toronto. Don’t get me wrong, Princess Margaret is a terrific Cancer facility, but it seemed like months (oh ya, I guess it was). Last week, I just had my 3 month MRI scan and apparently they got all the affliction in my throat.

In these times of bad news, THIS was wonderful. Now we continue with recovery and hopes for a clean check in another 3 months time.

Thanks to my Cancer Team, Dr. John Waldron, Nurse Claire, and to the surgeon that gave me ‘Hope’, Dr. Patrick Gullane.

“I’m going to beat this cancer or die trying.” – Michael Landon

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